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A cruelty-free product, Pelush is a wonderful alternative for the modern woman in search of glamour, comfort, and the warmth of a plush coat.



Sustainably crafted bags, ethically produced in small batches at fair wage factories. Luxury routed in mindfulness.



Beautiful home goods created from 100% recycled & repurposed materials.


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Emerging Fashion E-Tailer Fox Holt Is Making Way For Mindful Consumption
Published on July 29th, 2020
Even in 2020, the world of ethical, sustainable consumption can still be quite tricky to navigate. If you’ve ever attempted to improve your own shopping habits, you’ve likely experienced some level of resistance while making the switch. Somewhere in between pervasive greenwashing and dizzying price tags, “good” consumerism can start to get fuzzy — especially without the right guidebook. That’s why two fashion alum, Katy Rowley (MATCHESFASHION) and Dale Volpe (Moschino) decided to create Fox Holt, an emerging fashion e-tailer that links ethical shoppers with like-minded artisans. This way, you can learn as you go, inspiring a movement of new consumers to shop — and live — mindfully.