Fox Holt brings together the best sustainable fashion and lifestyle collections and makes them available on one platform. In doing so, we combine a luxury retail shopping experience with a deep mindfulness of the world around us. This process starts with slowing down, continues with education, and culminates in evolution. Founders Dale Volpe and Katy Rowley have always felt strongly about ethical consumerism. Fox Holt’s mission is to inspire a thoughtful, principled approach to shopping and make it not only accessible but second nature to all of us.

Our Pillars

Ethically Sourced Materials
We work with many brands that source and obtain their materials in a sustainable, responsible way and are considerate of their social and environmental impact.

Treat Animals with Respect
Our brands treat animals with dignity in the usage of their products and do not subject them to cruel practices.

Minimal Environmental Impact
The methods our brands employ at every step of the production cycle, from sourcing and manufacturing to marketing and distribution, are conscious about having minimal environmental impact.

Treat Workers Fairly
We support brands that in turn support the rights and safety of the workers who manufacture their products and treat them with humanity and respect.

Accessible to All
We believe that sustainable, ethical choices should be accessible to all people, so we gather a range of brands and products at different price points.