Sustainable swimwear is a tricky sector of the fashion industry. How do you make a stretchy material that can protect your skin and stand up to saltwater, chlorine, and everything in between? The answer to that question has typically been polyester or some other type of synthetic fabric. The downside with that is those materials will last in the environment long after they are considered too faded to be worn. Tiffany Asamoah was aware of that when she started building her brand, BOLD Swim. That is why she made a patented biodegradable material a key part of her brand. During this interview, Tiffany Asamoah introduces us to BOLD Swim and discusses her hopes for the fashion industry’s future.

FH: What inspired you to embrace sustainability in your brand?

TA: Sustainability just made sense to me. I started BOLD Swim when sustainability was just starting to be a part of the conversation in fashion. As a new designer, I didn’t want to create the issues of the past. I wanted to do my part from the beginning.

FH: What is your biggest concern regarding the current state of the fashion/lifestyle industries?

TA: My biggest concern in fashion today is the lack of diversity in ethnicities and size inclusiveness that still persists. Especially in the sustainable fashion field, size diversity is not where it should be yet.

FH: If there was only one thing you could communicate to potential customers about your brand, what would it be?

TA: BOLD Swim swimwear is created by hand. That is a little-known fact. Most of our production processes and efforts to reduce waste efforts are well communicated through our website. Still, not many customers know that our bikini are handmade at our factory in Brazil.

FH: What is one sustainability initiative you would like to tackle in the future?

TA: As the business grows, I would like to achieve B Corp status.

B Corp or B Corporation is a type of certification given to companies that “meet certain social and environmental standards” and “create benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.”

FH: Where do you see your brand in five years?

TA: The brand in five years is going to be improving the lives of those it empowers. BOLD Swim will be creating sustainable jobs in the fashion and creativity industries. The brand will also be providing additional support to the businesses, makers, and artisans in Brazil where we produce. I also think we might be expanding to a curated line of swim, resort, and intimates.

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