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Made in USA Sustainabilty Stamp

Made in USA

The sustainable benefits of domestic manufacturing are plentiful. What started as a grassroots movement towards “keeping production close to home” now creates countless jobs, inspires local textile innovation and emphasizes the importance of community.

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Vegan - Sustainability Stamp


Vegan goods are completely free from any form of animal use or exploitation and instead utilize alternative, sustainable materials. By doing this, the fashion industry promotes global environmental health and reduces animal cruelty.

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Handmade / Artisan - Sustainability Stamp

Handmade / Artisan

Pieces with the artisan distinction are made by hand using quality materials, distinctive techniques, and produced in small quantities. This form of art can be credited with preserving inherited craft traditions and easily transforms lifestyle items into sustainable heirlooms.

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Fairtrade - Sustainability Stamp

Fair Working

Awarded to products that are made under conditions that prioritize worker safety and fair pay; made by people who “work in safe conditions, protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods and earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities.”

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Organic - Sustainability Stamp


Organic clothing is clothing made from materials raised or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards; organic cotton uses less water, and organic materials aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs.

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Recycled - Sustainability Stamp


Repurposed textiles and/or unsold merchandise are given the opportunity to be reborn as exciting new pieces. Utilizing and purchasing recycled items significantly reduces waste, saves animals, and creates jobs.

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Eco-friendly - Sustainability Stamp


“For a piece to be considered eco friendly, the carbon footprint that it leaves on the environment – whether during cultivation, production, use or disposal – should be minimal.”

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Sustainable Materials - Sustainability Stamp

Sustainable Materials

Durable, efficient and often renewable, use of sustainable materials represent an opportunity to consume less and buy smarter. These types of materials have low to no toxicity and therefore cause minimal impact to the health of our planet and the animals that inhabit it.

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Giving Back - Sustainability Stamp

Giving Back

Shopping “Giving Back” supports our partnered brands who give back to their community or the environment by supporting local and international causes. This movement is at the forefront of global sustainability; giving back to the planet that gives us so much.

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