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Made in USA Sustainabilty Stamp

Made in the U.S.A

As a US-based company, Fox Holt is keen to support American-made brands. By looking for products close to home, we can more easily check up on production operations and verify sustainability claims. We are also able to build better relationships and provide support for independent, emerging designers.

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Vegan - Sustainability Stamp


Fox Holt believes that sustainability extends to animal welfare and the health of ecosystems. With that in mind, we love our designers and products that prove vegan fashion can be stylish, fun, and affordable. Even better, several of our vegan items are made with environmentally sustainable alternatives, so they are extra-extra good for the planet.

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Handmade / Artisan - Sustainability Stamp


Pieces with the artisan distinction are made by hand using quality materials, distinctive techniques and produced in small quantities. This art form can be credited with preserving inherited craft traditions and easily transforming lifestyle items into sustainable heirlooms.

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Socially Conscious

Socially Conscious

Using ethical working conditions and paying ALL employees minimum or living wages are two things that make a brand’s production socially conscious. Some of our partners that fall under the stamp also produce at women-owned factories and support local communities with their production operations.

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Organic - Sustainability Stamp

Organic Materials

Organic Materials includes fabrics grown and processed in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Organic Materials use less water, and aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or GMOs.

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Recycled - Sustainability Stamp

Recycled Materials

Fox Holt considers Recycled Materials to be repurposed textiles or unsold merchandise that are given the opportunity to be reborn as exciting new pieces. Utilizing and purchasing recycled items significantly reduces waste and creates green jobs.

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Eco-friendly - Sustainability Stamp

Environmentally Conscious

Fox Holt loves to see brands that take extra steps to make their production as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why we created this stamp to highlight brands that minimize their cut-and-sew waste, produce in carbon neutral factories, use nontoxic dyes, and more.

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Sustainable Materials - Sustainability Stamp

Sustainable Materials

Durable, efficient and often renewable, use of sustainable materials represent an opportunity to consume less and buy smarter. These types of materials have low to no toxicity and therefore cause minimal impact to the health of our planet and the animals that inhabit it.

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Giving Back - Sustainability Stamp

Giving Back

Our Giving Back brands help their community or the environment by supporting local and international causes. Through partnerships with charities and by donating a percentage of sales to sustainability projects, giving back a key part of our business and is incorporated by many of our marketplace brands.

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