As the weather warms, the thought of a beach trip may have entered your mind. Your toes in the sand and basking under the sun, what could be better? Unfortunately, if we aren’t conscious about what we bring along, we could be leaving the once pristine beaches and oceans worse off. Everything from our swimwear to the accessories we bring along could be polluting the environment with microplastics or dangerous chemicals. Fashion Revolution, an international nonprofit organization, addressing sustainability in fashion, noted that textiles account for 34.8% of total microplastic pollution. Those microplastics, along with the potentially toxic dyes and chemicals, can make their way to our oceans. In some cases, these chemical-laden microplastics have found their way back to us through our food chain. The bottom line is that what we wear can have a significant environmental and public health impact. And it is even more important to be conscious of that when we are in nature, like at the beach. Luckily some innovative designers have created sustainable beach swaps to practically everything you could need, so you can enjoy the sand and sun without harming the planet.

Below FH Edit highlights three brands in particular for you to consider if you are looking for cute swimwear, sun protection, or just a soft place to lay.

BOLD Swim:

Swimwear can be a tricky garment to make sustainable. To achieve the necessary stretchiness and skin protection most swimsuits are made with a synthetic material. They can release microplastics during wear and take decades to break down when they are no longer usable. Moreover, most charities and brands do not accept used swimwear to be recycled or upcycled. That is why it is imperative to find a swimsuit that will biodegrade, something that BOLD Swim products do within five years of their disposal. Using an innovative material called Amni Soul Eco, BOLD Swim creates colorful and stylish swim sets that are soft, breathable, and free from toxins. And when it’s time to move on to a new swimsuit, BOLD Swim can be sent to the landfill where it will become organic material and biogas, resources that can help increase soil health and be used as a “green” energy source. Basically, if you are looking for something innovative, sustainable, and pretty, look no further than BOLD Swim.

Sustainable Swaps for Your Next Beach Trip
Soirée Black Bikini
Sustainable Swaps for Your Next Beach Trip
Blue Allium Set
Sustainable Swaps for Your Next Beach Trip
Demure Bikini


Made with natural materials like cotton, jute, and linen, and using traditional artisan techniques, Brunna.Co hats and clothing are sure to be a sustainable summer essential. Most products are handmade through many stages of traditional fabrication processes passed through generations and still preserved by local artisans today. Of course, this impressive craftwork takes place in Bali, the idealistic beach location. But, if you can’t make it all the way to Indonesia, these airy and stylish clothes will help get you into the summer vacation mood no matter where you are.

Lola Wide Brim Jute Straw Hat
Lola Wide Brim Jute Straw Hat
OLYMPIA Embroidered Cotton Dress
Olympia Embroidered Cotton Dress
NORMA BLANCO Water Repellent Travel Jacket
Norma Blanco Water Repellent Travel Jacket


After a long day of swimming and lounging in the sun, you will probably need a nap. Luckily, these organic cotton, handwoven hammocks are just the place for said nap. Find them in a range of colors and styles that will match any backyard or beach. You can even hang one in your home office (we won’t tell ;). For cooler nights, grab a lightweight blanket that is somehow even cozier than the hammock. Sustainability really does feel great!

Mountaineer Color Striped Cotton Hammock (Multiple Colors)
Mountaineer Color Striped Cotton Hammock
Diamante Striped Cotton Throws & Blankets in Blue
Diamanté Striped Cotton Throw & Blanket in Blue
Earth Organic Natural Cotton Hammock (Wooden Bar)
Earth Organic Natural Cotton Hammock

For more sustainable beach swaps, check out the Designers page to shop Fox Holt supported labels.